The Lodge at Suttle Lake


Nestled in a glacial valley in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and surrounded by towering pines, Suttle Lake has long been a refuge for its visitors. Evidence left by three volcanic eruptions that blanketed ancient campsites indicates that Native Americans enjoyed Suttle Lake as far back as 10,000 years ago as a place to rest and fish. Traces of their passing are found under layers of ash and cinders.

In the 1920's European settlers established the lake as a favorite spot for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing and family picnics. Suttle Lake was one of only two lake systems in Oregon that supported historic runs of sockeye salmon. Because of the lake's beautiful forest backdrop, many generations of Oregonians have enjoyed Suttle Lake's splendor, and continue to do so today.

Suttle Lake has undergone many transformations. Always a haven for nature-lovers, the lake has had three lodges built on it, the first in the early twenties, the second in 1931 and the third in 1941. All three lodges were destroyed by fire, the last in 1974 seven days before the newly-remodeled lodge was to open.

The Lodge at Suttle Lake continues to honor our guests with a new refuge that combines the tradition and romance of bygone eras with the comfort and elegance we are able to offer today.
What our guests are saying
Wonderful "get away"! The Lodge is a work of exemplary craftsmanship. Our room, very comfortable & inviting. Great way to celebrate our first late anniversary - since Sept. 17th 1968.

– Dave & Theresa, Portland Oregon
...we had a wonderful "stay" at the Suttle Lake Lodge...thank you to the professional staff, who were pleasant and professional. Hope to visit again someday!

– Bill & Peg Spivey, Salem Oregon